Undertale: The good and the bad

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published on 1/15/2017

Here I'm gonna try to define what I like and dislike about my favorite game ever.

Probably SPOILERS ahead

The bad:

  • The writting/humor: If you don't like "random" humor, you'll likely hate this game.
  • The story: There was a war between humans and monsters, the monster lost and were sealed away, you fall where they were sealed at and have to get out. The end. At least at its core...
  • The overworld: It doesn't make much sense and it's not really that interesting to explore in most cases. This is kinda redeemed thanks to the fact that almost everything has a description if you interact with it, but I'm not really a fun of the overworld just by itself.
  • The puzzles: Most of them are really simple and straight up bad.
  • The graphic/aesthetics: They went for a retro-style, and although some backgrounds and certain character designs are neat, most of the tiles and walls look kinda ugly. And there are a few character designs I don't even understand.
  • The random encounters: They can be really annoying in some areas because you'll walk 4 steps and you'll have another encounter.
  • You can't run in the overworld: Which makes traveling tedious.
  • Locked at 30FPS: That's ALWAYS bad.

The good:

  • The writting/humor: From the unique and lovable characters, through the real karma system and awesome 4th wall breaking to the silly humor this was just right up my alley. This in my opinion the best part of the game by far, which makes it so if you don't like it, you probably don't like the game as a whole. I could develop in this a lot more but let's just leave it at the fact that I love every single line from this game.
  • The music: It accomodates to every scenario and it's just amazing. I just cannot explain it.
  • The gameplay: I find having to talk to your enemies rather than having to fight them to be one of the best parts of the game, as I usually despise the turn based-style combat that most RPGs have. And as a fun of bullet hells that part + the fact that the patterns depend on the enemy is also one of my favorites. The bullseye thing when you fight is kinda boring, tho.
  • The little details: It's amazing the amount of little details this game has. They go from a half-empty/half-full bag depending of your route, through the mice getting the cheese at the end to characters reacting a certaing way if you kill someone and reload your save. There are so many I couldn't list them all. This is one of the best parts of the game as I'm always discovering more and more details.

The conclusion:

All in all I think that everyone that doesn't despise that type of humor can greatly enjoy this game, even if it's just not their thing. And if it is their thing, well... good luck finding something you want to play once you finish it.

Now that I've finally written this I can say that this game is one of the best examples of "the whole is much more than the sum of its parts". It's the game most full of heart and humanity I've ever seen, and the most fun I've had by myself period.

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