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My name is Dave and I am an avid video game enthusiast and have a strange addiction: collecting video games. I don't know what inside me makes me obsessed with video games and adding them to my collection, but whatever it is has been inside me since the first time I picked up an NES controller when I was 2 years old. From that day on I have been a video game junkie! While I primarily collect for Nintendo consoles, nothing is off limits and I thoroughly enjoy many other consoles as well. Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to interacting with you on this amazing website called Completionator!

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3/9/2017 8:0 PM - WhitsEnd completed the goal:
Super Mario 64
70-Star Speedrun
3/9/2017 7:59 PM - WhitsEnd completed the goal:
Super Mario 64
16-Star Speedrun
8/15/2016 3:10 PM - WhitsEnd completed the goal:
Super Mario Bros.
Beat the game by using warps
8/5/2016 5:6 PM - WhitsEnd completed the goal:
Zero Time Dilemma
Get the true ending

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7/1/2016 5:0 PM - WhitsEnd posted a thought:
Zero Time Dilemma

Finally in my hands! This game was in my top 3 most anticipated releases in 2016!! This game had a long road to get here but I am so excited to dive in and I'm sure it will have been worth the wait!

6/17/2016 3:24 PM - WhitsEnd posted a thought:
Kirby: Planet Robobot

I'm only on World 3 but so far this is one of the best Kirby games I have ever played...and I absolutely love Kirby franchise

6/2/2016 2:5 PM - WhitsEnd posted a thought:

Finally got this one back!! After foolishly trading it in years back, finally have it again...albeit having to pay 5x the amount I paid originally....Live and learn!

5/24/2016 4:6 PM - WhitsEnd posted a thought:
Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards

I have no business dying to this stupid Orca boss...but I keep dying anyways!!

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