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# 1 - Posted on 2/09/19 18:48:09

Hooray, this is the first set of release notes since the 1.0 release! This release is focused on fixing some bugs / layout issues, but also has a little bit of new functionality in it.

  • Added an Add Game button to the Collection page which now uses the Quick Add modal (which had to be reworked quite a bit to support both points of entry)
  • Added a number of new columns to the Collection Excel export: Release Date, Edition, Backlogged, Acquisition Date, Acquisition Source, Acquisition Type
  • Modified the Playthroughs page so items are sorted such that the most recently active playthrough is first (based on the last time entry / creation date of the playthrough)
  • Added a sorting dropdown to the Playthroughs page to coincide with the above sorting change (the dropdown includes an option to sort alphabetically)
  • Modified the Edition autocomplete source so it looks at the curated Editions for game releases rather than VGPC (this will be a subtle change, but an important one as we continue to solidify our data model)
  • Modified the Add Time Entry modal for playthroughs so the default date that's selected takes into account your timezone
  • Modified all modals throughout the site to prevent them from closing if you click outside their content area
  • Modified the goals section on the Profile page so they account for your timezone
  • Modified the list filter icon on the Collection page so it matches the other filter icon
  • Modified the Quick Add and Quick Edit modals so they're a bit wider
  • Fixed an issue on tablet resolutions where the header menu wouldn't dropdown properly
  • Fixed an issue on mobile resolutions where the menu items wouldn't scroll, which means you couldn't reach some of the ones on the bottom
  • Added some extra spacing on the Delete Paythrough modal between the standard message and the "extra" message for when it's tied to a bounty / mission
  • Fixed a bug where if you were viewing someone else's profile, the My Profile link in the header would link you to THEIR profile and not yours
  • Fixed a formatting issue with dates when displaying goals on the Profile page
  • Fixed an issue with Game autocomplete (used throughout the site) where it would unexpectedly limit the results (even though I had set an explicit limit that it hadn't reached)
  • Fixed the pager styles when viewing the posts in a thread on the Forums (I completely missed this one!)
  • Fixed the pager styles for an individual thread when viewing all threads on a forum (they would just run off the page)
  • Fixed a bug where if you added a game to your Playlist on the Profile page, the game name would return to the textbox it lost focus