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Is there a way and I just missed it? Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask, but I didn't see a sub forum marked for Newbie Questions.

In addition, what databases does Completionator pull from? For example, when I do a search for a game, does it look it up on GameFaqs/Steam/GoG/GameSpot/Wikipedia/GiantBomb/etc other sites?


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I believe notes can only be added to a game once it has been added to your collection by clicking on the little note icon that appears in both the expanded and shelf views.

As for databases, completionator has it's own database that is manually curated by a number of people who all volunteer their free time to update when they're able. There used to be some integration with giantbomb in the past, but that's been scrapped to help avoid some issues with quality/inconsistencies. I think the only external database information that gets imported these days are from to keep physical game values somewhat up to date.

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