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loomdog32 Posts: 9 Registered: 11/11/2019
# 1 - Posted on 11/16/19 4:03:24

Thoughts on Repros
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First off, I am not asking where to find them. I am not asking if they are legal / illegal. We all know they are out there and easily avail. If I am breaking any rules regarding this topic, I apologize in advance, as I did not see anything regarding this.

What is everyones thoughts on repros?

I kinda want to pick some up instead of paying the price for higher priced games (games worth $100 plus). I feel so conflicted on this, tho. I guess, for me anyways, it really comes down to money. If I could afford the higher priced games, I wouldn't consider it. But given my financial situation (I am on a fixed income), they suddenly become very appealing...


dhobo Curator Backer Posts: 1686 Registered: 1/5/2015
# 2 - Posted on 11/16/19 16:58:08

I think repros are fine under certain circumstances as far as moral grey areas go (ignoring completely the legal aspect of things.)

If you can buy a physical copy of a game easily enough, and within reason as far as price goes, there's no reason to go with a repro, even if the game itself costs more than a repro would. What your threshold of "within reason" is however, is another matter altogether. If a custom repro would set you back $20-$30, but a legit physical copy would cost $50? I would say, go legit. If we're talking a rare game like say, Snow Brothers for the NES around $200-ish, or a Bubble Bobble 2 for over $500? I'd be much more inclined to go with a repro.

That said, there can also be a moral compromise in some situations. Is there another version of the game you want that's a lot more affordable? Say, a digital copy on the eshop? Or a more affordable release on another platform? If I already owned a copy of something in another format I'd feel a lot less guilty about acquiring a custom repro of the same game since I "bought" it.

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Cheesyben Posts: 82 Registered: 12/31/2018
# 3 - Posted on 11/16/19 21:02:22

I would recommend only picking up repros for games which either are almost impossible to get (e.g. Nintendo Campus Challenge, Earthbound) or games which were cancelled, hacks or homebrew (e.g Star Fox 2, Waluigi's Taco Stand, AVGN Atari) however you should probably not add them to your collection on this website since they are still not the original copies.

loomdog32 Posts: 9 Registered: 11/11/2019
# 4 - Posted on 11/20/19 0:08:51


This is mostly my thoughts. Except, the ONLY system I currently have is the NES. So, digital versions of the same game are a non-option. I was only considering games in the triple digit price. I am also playing on real hardware (front loader - The same machine my wife had since she was 9. We sold mine, that I had since I was 7, when we got together 15ish years ago when we sold "duplicate" items off).


As you didn't directly state it, I am assuming games like Little Samson and Flintstones Surprise at Dino Peak (which are both readily available, but expensive), are a no to repros?
Games like Campus Challenge and World Championships I'm not interested in. I'm only collecting games that were avail at regular retail.
Earthbound? I assume you mean the SNES release? I donno if I would call that rare. Its easily available, just expensive. Like Little Samson.
Stadium Events. Thats a rare game. But, its also the same game as World Class Track Meet. The me 5ish years ago (when I had money), would have been after it and all the other variants like that. But, now that I am on a limited income, I don't see the point. I am actively playing these games. They are not just sitting on a shelf or in a box. So a Gray or Gold cart. Silver or Yellow label. Doesnt matter much. Ex: I already have Punch Out will not be actively looking to get Mike Tyson's Punch Out. If I pick it up in a lot, Id dump one of them as a duplicate.
What about translated Japanese games? Ys, Mother, FF? I assume you are including these as hacks.

As all our (my wife and mine) cartridge games disappeared, I am now only collecting for NES. A complete playable collection of games avail at retail, including PAL exclusive games. I will probably pick up a few SNES and N64 games, but mostly to replace games we used to have (Mario, Star Fox, Metroid, Tetrisphere). After I finish NES, I may do a Famicom and Famicom Disk System collection. Depends on how difficult it is to get those games in the US. Yes, I do speak and read some Japanese (slowly learning)