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# 1 - Posted on 10/12/2020 0:50:57

When finishing a Playthrough, I know it removes it from the Playlist and Backlog, but does it not remove the Now Playing status as well?

Lahdgren Posts: 38 Registered: 4/15/2020
# 2 - Posted on 10/12/2020 1:19:44

yep seems to do that on my end

elko84 Curator Backer Posts: 330 Registered: 5/6/2017
# 3 - Posted on 10/12/2020 3:52:04

Ok maybe I was misunderstood. Completing a playthrough removes it from the Now Playing section on your Profile page.

What I’m saying is after completing a playthrough, the game is still flagged as Now Playing if you look at it in your collection. This is what I’m saying should be unchecked upon completion.

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w00tzorz656 Backer Posts: 20 Registered: 10/22/2020
# 4 - Posted on 2/22/2021 7:02:38

Hey elko84, I actually made another thread on this before realizing that you asked the same question. Can confirm that I am having the same, "issue".

It would be awesome to remove the, "now playing" from games when I finish a playthrough so I don't have to manually uncheck it (and forget to do so) each time.

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