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I was wondering is there currently a way to submit challenges for approval? If not, will there be a way in the future?

Like many on here, my backlog is massive and I feel like the challenges put extra pressure on me. I've never beaten Castlevania III for instance but I've beaten I and II.

The challenges are really what made this site shine to me and made it stand out. I was so excited to see challenges I've been wanting to complete for years!

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I don't have any plans for allowing custom challenges, but if you have any suggestions for games to include, I will certainly take them under consideration

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Thanks for the quick response! Ok ha James Bond, Lost Planet, Mass Effect, Dawn of War, Rogue Squadron, and Bioshock were a few that came to mind

I have many, many challenges to complete but I'll try to gather more

I tried to pick more mainstream titles above but some less known series came to mind as well

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Well how about this to go along with your suggestions

Shaken not stirred p.1 - Goldeneye, World is not Enough, Agent Under Fire, Nightfire
Absolute Zero - Lost Planet Series
BATTUL BROTHERS p.1 &2 - Dawn of War 1 + expansions, Dawn of War 2 + expansions and 3
Take out those Ties - Rogue Squadron series + battle for naboo
I chose the Impossible - Bioshock Series

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Ohh sorry man. I misread your post when I was at work! I thought you were saying I overlooked current available challenges

Dude, that would be incredible! (: