Jcody88 Posts: 1 Registered: 11/20/2020
# 1 - Posted on 11/20/2020 2:08:57

Hi is there any chance you can add a feature to add/create your own titles. 95% of my collection could be added from the database, but i have some games that are mod hacks like Dragonball kart for n64 or Goldeneye Mario. Idk if others will agree, but id love to see this feature added please.

Lahdgren Posts: 29 Registered: 4/15/2020
# 2 - Posted on 11/20/2020 17:54:11

There are mods in the database so you can suggest them under the games to add section https://completionator.com/Game/Details/42885 (example Simon's Destiny which is a Doom mod)

So what you can do is find pages with information and the like and suggest them in the games to add forum post.

jwcooley Curator Posts: 947 Registered: 2/28/2014
# 3 - Posted on 11/20/2020 18:36:30

Curators control the content of what games are added and are adding new games every day.

As Lahdgren mentioned, if you can provide details of the additions, you can post them here https://www.completionator.com/Forum/PostList/6?page=155 and a curator will make sure to get the entries added.

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