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Just Push On Through?
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Howdy, y'all. (Been in Texas awhile, forgive the country speak.)

First time on this site, just imported all my games, was wondering how y'all handle backlog. Do you just trudge through the never end and growing list of games you own, or do you have a strategy?

I used to think I was hot stuff with over 1K games, but now I see others with double or triple and can't help but wonder. According to steam, I haven't even touched half of the games I own. Most of which I own thanks to Humble Bundle.

Tangent aside, any master strategies, or is the best plan just to persevere?

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Firstly, welcome to the site! As for your question, I'm know plenty of people handle this in different ways. I have my own personal opinion of what completing games is, and any game I play I like to complete, so it takes me a long time to close out a playthrough and sometimes I put them on hold (think I currently have 80 or so in progress that I want to go back to at some point).

Deciding what to do next is the most tricky. For me, sometimes it just comes to me because there's a title I just want to start playing, and thats the easy way. Other times though, I like to take advantage of the bounty system and the Challenges that the site provides. It sort of gamifies the way I play. I especially like the challenges, I've targeted a few and I slowly make my way through them and its nice for someone who's checklist oriented like I am to see a challenge on the site marked as finished. Of course, these points and challenges are self contained to the site and if its not for you then you likely won't pursue that method.

Other than that, just play what you wanna play. I know that I will never have a chance to play a lot of what I own because I collect first and foremost, and by the time I finish a game I've already bought two more to replace it in the backlog. This may sound lame, but in the end if you don't get anything out of Challenges or personal goals like "Play Every 16-bit Disney Game", then just focus on putting things that sound fun and interesting in your backlog and don't worry about the rest.

Hope any of that helps