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I just registered recently because I was looking for a page where I can keep my game collection in the most visual way possible with the correct covers, etc... my most sincere congratulations for all the work.

To the topic: Reviewing my collection I have seen that when changing between the different view styles (Minimized, expanded, Shelf), it seems that by default the Shelf styles do not adapt well since by default I have seen that it is assigned a 33.33 % width, thus creating overly large boxes. BUT if I update the page with the shelf activated by default, this percentage drops to 16.66%, which makes it much better visually.

If it's useful, It seems that due to some bug, the code puts the .col-lg-4 (33.33%) class instead of the .col-lg-2 (16.66%) on every inner div inside the parent 'tbdListViewResults' div

Greetings and congratulations again!

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Oof, yeah, that doesn't seem right! I must've broken something along the way I never use the shelf view, so I had no idea this issue was lurking out there. I'll add it to my list though!

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