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# 1 - Posted on 5/4/2022 13:59:17

Hey mojo,

A while back you/the curators started adding collectables (such as amiibos, etc) as "games." While this works, it's a bit shoehorned in.

What if you were to add different item types? (I say items, because I'm assuming that is your terminology. Under the admin menu it's "Items")

The two that spring to the top of my head as useful would be the one you've already started doing, "Collectables" plus "Systems." I think it would be cool to integrate what systems you own, and then include that into filters/etc. You already have games tied to a system when you add/use them in different ways across the site (in your collection, for a playthrough, etc).


Edit: heck, looks like you already do this, ha. Nevermind.

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# 2 - Posted on 5/16/2022 17:07:52

how do you know they do this?