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# 1 - Posted on 2/9/2023 2:13:23

Thanks for accepting this bounty! Here you can talk with other bounty hunters as you progress through the game and keep everyone up to date on your progress.

metabones Posts: 2 Registered: 3/6/2023
# 2 - Posted on 3/31/2023 18:26:36

Any bounty hunters out there try the "hard" or "veteran" difficulty? Any takes on how much harder it is compared to the "normal"?

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# 3 - Posted on 5/8/2023 16:15:53

Just accepted this last week as I've never played this before. I own a copy of it on the GameCube, but I somehow never managed to actually get to it before buying it again for the Switch.

I am loving it so far. The only gripe I have with it is the Map, but that's pretty minor in the grand scheme of things.

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