Some games you need to play that nobody talks about


published on June 19, 2020


So I just happened to look at my notes again and remembered how much fun it is to write these. Here's another of some unspoken gems.

Deadly Creatures

We expected absolutely nothing when we picked up what we thought for sure was some random Wii shovelware. And……this game is pretty fun! It’s got decent controls for a motion-based Wii game, you control a tarantula and scorpion with unique abilities, and follow around these humans voiced by Billy Bob Thorton and Dennis Hopper!

It’s not a great game per se, but it’s at least a 6-7/10.

This game goes for about 12 bucks on the Wii.

War of the Monsters

I’ve mentioned this game before in the forums, and it’s just so damn fun. It has the full charm of every B movie in the 50s and 60s, and puts you in a fully destructible environment to just tear each other up in. The story is great, the multiplayer is a blast, the soundtrack is phenominal, and I never hear people talk about this PS2 gem.
It’s been ported to the PS4 online for 10 bucks.

Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime

If you can’t tell by my profile picture, I love the charm of the Dragon Quest series. And this game is a weird, but good deviation from the series. It’s really difficult to describe the gameplay fully. Imagine the space combat levels in Star Wars Battlefront 2, except you’re a slime rather than a clone trooper and you use a DS stylus.

The story is over-the-top silly and the whole game is so damn cute.

It goes for about – 30 bucks on DS?! Geez, I didn’t know this, but apparently the price for that game is skyrocketing right now. Eh? Eh? Skyrocket? Rocket slime? I’ll leave now…


Mirror's Edge: Catalyst

I put this on here mainly because of how unceremoniously they dumped this game out without a word during a huge gaming convention. And because of that, I never hear anyone talking about it. But it’s a solid game that I poured tons of hours into.

I played it on PS4, where it’s about 15 bucks.

Code Name S.T.E.A.M.

Imagine playing a less serious XCOM on your 3DS in a steampunk world where Abraham Lincoln flies a war zeppelin and the whole thing is written by the creators of Advance Wars. Sound good? Clearly nobody else thought so, because you can find this in nearly every used game store for 5 bucks.

Seriously, grab it. It’s a fun trip, the theme song is so dang catchy, and I’m not mad there will never be a sequel, you are!

Armed and Dangerous

This game is awful. Bet you weren’t expecting that for an intro, huh? But it’s just the right kind of awful. The gameplay is wonky, poorly controlled, and yet super easy because the programmers couldn’t even figure out how a character moves, let alone some abstract concept like “difficulty”.
And when you’re not playing the game, you are watching cutscenes with some of the funniest writing I’ve seen in a video game. I still quote some of these today. Seriously, grab a friend or two, a rum and coke, and just a night of laughing at this terrible game.

It’s on the original Xbox and goes for less than 10 bucks.

State of War

I will be SHOCKED if anyone else has heard of this game. It literally has no ratings on Metacritic. When I tried to beat the final level, there are only 2 videos in existence of people beating it.

But you know what? Aside from the final level, it’s a fun and challenging trip! Imagine a slightly more futuristic Command & Conquer that also had an infinitely respawning UFO that shoots lasers and heals buildings.

It has some decent mission variety, and will always give you only a handful of missions at a time as you slowly take back each country. So you have to pick and choose which mission you think you can take on until you learn more about the game to tackle a mission that previously stumped you.

It goes for about 10 bucks for both an original pc disk and for a Steam copy.

Cthulhu Saves the World

If you’ve played one JRPG, you’ve played nearly all of them. A bunch of teenagers use the power of friendship and destroy a god. So let’s shake that up. Instead, imagine being the villain, but he loses his powers just as he’s about to destroy the world.

The only way to get your powers back to destroy the world? Save the world, of course! And this game is a hilarious trip where you’re forced to travel with those same idiot heroes who only want dumb things like “peace” and “justice”.

The writing is great, and it’ll last you about 10 hours and the game is only 3 bucks on Steam. They even made a sequel last year where he saves Christmas!

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