My 10 favorite indie games of all time


published on February 5, 2021


List not in order cause I couldn't decide


I remember I was angry at this game once because QR codes bothered me too much but then I stopped care and replayed the whole thing after some years. Probably my favorite small game of all time and if I didn't care about there being no point in replaying one game too many times, already knowing everything about it, I'd probably have about 10 replays of Fez today.

Stardew Valley

Over 300 hours spent in game both in singleplayer and multiplayer, I'm not sure if there will be more but anyhow Stardew Valley is a great game.


Another one of my old favorites, if I remember correctly I played it 3 times, once on Xbox and two on PC. The game's aesthetics and atmosphere match my tastes perfectly.


Not much time passed since I played that one but it was relaxing, beautiful and made me feel many things, so I'm putting it here without regrets. Also I love it for featuring prehistoric fish (and even swimming dino and other reptiles) in the last level. Also diving is one of my favorite things to do in games so.

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

I spent over 1.5k hours in this game and with new DLC approaching, it still isn't the end.


I think I squeezed out every possible dialogue from every character in this game already and now I'm here, hoping for a patch adding new content one day in the future. Cool everything and challenging.


I've seen many pixel rpgs but Ib was the only one that made an impression on me. I played it a really long time ago but I still have good memories and feelings about its story and characters.


My first playthrough was a ride but it was many years ago and I don't remember much. I remember being very drawn to UT's story, characters, music and literally everything though, so it of course deserves a place on this list.

Five Nights at Freddy's

As bad as the fandom is and as weird and wild as the series is, I was completely absorbed by its story at one point in time, so there it is.



I'll swap this game for something else when I find this something else one day. As it's a game similar to Limbo, I liked it, but not on the same level. Still, I have good memories of it.

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