Challenge Games [WIP]


published on 3/31/2018


This stack is just to list games I feel are difficult for me, yet essential to spend time on to help develop a healthy relationship with challenges. I've always been a gamer that mainly plays to RPGs and adventure games, but sometimes I need to step out of my comfort zone. I may not ever be able to beat something on hard mode anytime soon, but I'll be pleased if I can make progress in an action game and NOT give up after dying once or twice, lol.

Tekken 7

This is the game that first got me started on the path of video games as a means of personal development, one of my most favorite subjects to explore. All that aside, The Tekken series is my #1 choice for fighting games, and I grew up playing them since Tekken 4 came out in 2002. I only just recently discovered the life lessons that can be had from choosing a character and dedicating time and effort to honing your skills but I'll never look at games the same after this.


Devil May Cry: HD Collection

I ain't gonna lie, I've always been a fan of Dante as a character! The only thing is, I fail at strategically coming up with ways to effectively beat enemies, so it's not surprising I've died half a dozen times on the first boss. Hopefully my wish to eventually experience DMC's plotline as it was intended will one day come true, as I've been avoiding just watching the cinematics on YouTube because I respect this series too much to not play it!

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