My Top 10 most played games of 2018

Dub Conqueror

published on 12/3/2018



Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition

My most favourite game of all time. This year I did finish the game four times.

Far Cry 4

After finishing Far Cry 3 I started Far Cry 4. I like both games because of the free roaming and the lots of little things happening while crossing the map, that can sometimes be quit hilarious.


Euro Truck Simulator 2

I had no idea I would like a truck simulator game that much, but buying it after seeing some screenshots of the landscapes you can travel through, this game has got me hooked the last month.


Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear

The new expansion to Baldur's Gate. It's very linear and in feel more akin to Icewind Dale in it's linear story and focus on combat, but I liked it enough to do a second and third playthrough, one finished this year, the other almost finished.

Alan Wake

Although I'm not a fan of horror games usually, this game gripped me due to it's story and the way you travel about the landscape the game takes place in. Even though the game leads you through in a linear way, it gives you a sense of exploring and discovering things.


The Journey Down: Chapter Two

The best adventure game I've played so far. Though I must admit I don't play that many adventure games. Great atmosphere, great characters. Though I liked the music in the first game more (the first one had reggae, this one is more rock-orientated), the story really grows on you in the second game.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

I have a Playstation 3, but I like PC gaming much more. However, as I got this game in it's PS3 version second-hand much cheaper than the PC version would cost, I played this game on the Playstation and of the few console games I played this year, I liked this one best.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Though the game takes a lot of willing suspense of disbelieve, like a space fighter pilot becoming commander of a huge destroyer space ship, than leaving the command deck to go fighting in the frontline himself and of course there's big loud explosions in the vacuum of space where physically sound can't travel but you hear it in the game anyway, the game had a nice epic feel to it, combat handled well and it was nice to play some space dogfights in between more ordinary infantry missions (that now and again got spiced up by fighting in zero gravity).


Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition

Story-wise, this game is more rich than the first Baldur's Gate game. However, unlike most fans, I like the first game more, because as you progress in levels, the combat gets ever more complex with dozens of spell slots that can be filled when memorizing at rest at higher levels. And the careful peeling off of defences that needs to be done with high-level enemy mages. I got six campaigns going, but didn't manage to finish one of them, as starting at mid-level, I'm having fun but the complex battles start feeling like a chore progressing to higher levels in mid-game.


Combat Wings: Battle of Britain

A game I bought for just 1 euro at a Gamersgate sale, filled a nice role when I felt like doing some dogfighting. The game is old and I couldn't get it's predecessor Combat Wings to run, but this game, though old, did run on Windows 10 and made you feel like being one of the those "never in the course of history did so many owe to so few" in the words of Winston Churchill.

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