Games I've Completed (2019)


published on 1/4/2019


List of and brief writings on games I've completed in 2019


On: Nintendo 64

This, I believe, is the third time I've gone through and completed Banjo-Kazooie, and it probably will not be the last. I've loved this game since I first played it so many years ago, as it scratches multiple itches I have in regards to platforming, mass collection, and incredibly endearing characters. There's a reason the pre-finale quiz game is such a breeze whenever I play it, and that's because I love it (and playing it a few times prior certainly helps). In fact, I think when the time comes for me to do my first speedrun for the site, I'll try and make it a 100% run of Banjo-Kazooie, see what I can do there. This definitely, in all cases, includes the Stop 'n' Swap items for me, which since they were never fully implemented, are the only times that I ever use the game's cheat codes. Having the items, even if through cheating, feels like a miracle that was never meant to be. All in all, fantastic game!

Super Mario Sunshine

On: Nintendo Gamecube

I'm glad I finally got around to completing this again, because as of the last time I played through this, I remembered not liking it so much. In my memory, there were a lot more missions involving cleaning things up off the ground then there actually are, and the ones that are there (such as the manta ray level) are among my favorite levels in the game. I chalk this up to being a kid and finding mechanics that I considered new in my Mario game to be strange and tedious. The main trouble with this run was the blue coin hunting, as they aren't always that easy to find. The good part about that is, though, is that there is of course a set amount of them (240), and there is a running counter to refer too so you can see how close you are to finishing your collection. Just make sure you don't trade them in until you have them all, or the counter will be depleted by increments of 10 for every Shine you get in exchange for them. Not one of my favorite Mario games, but it was way more enjoyable than I remember, and the new mechanics are not nearly as bad as memory serves.


The Gardens Between

On: Nintendo Switch


The Hex

On: PC

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