My Favorite Ongoing/Games as a Service/Live Games


published on 4/29/2019



This is actually my favorite game of all time. As of Apr 2019, I have over 1400 hours logged on it. The amount of progression and just cool stuff in this game is amazing. If you like shooter looters, you need to check this out. Oh, and it has a great F2P model too!

No Man's Sky

I played this at launch and was more positive on it than the most people. I recently returned after some big updates and fell in love with it again. This is one of the games I go to when I want just to relax and not feel pressured to do too much.


Dissidia: Final Fantasy - Opera Omnia

My current obsession. Being a big Final Fantasy fan, this appealed to me instantly. You know what is fantastic about this game vs the myriad of other mobile FF titles? It does not have a stamina bar that limits the amount you can play. Actually, it kind of does, but only for specific missions and it has not been a dealbreaker for me, which it normally is.

Pokémon Go

I tend to play a lot until Winter then I take a break. This is one I was even able to get my wife into it. Got have some reason to go outside, am I right?

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