Introduced Yourself
Unlocked on 5/29/2018

Active Community Member

Pillar of the Community

Just Getting Started
Unlocked on 5/30/2018

I Need More Space
Unlocked on 6/3/2018

What a Beautiful Sight
Unlocked on 6/10/2018

Completion Time!
Unlocked on 6/18/2018

Time Tracker
Unlocked on 6/27/2018

It Really Adds Up...
Unlocked on 7/5/2018

This Is Too Easy
Unlocked on 6/26/2018

I Love Technology
Unlocked on 6/30/2018

That's a lot of Bytes

Multi Tasker
Unlocked on 6/18/2018

Brain Scrambler

I Could Really Use These

So Many Games…

I'll Take That One, And That One…

Unlocked on 6/3/2018

Super Importer
Unlocked on 6/11/2018

MEGA Importer!

Unlocked on 6/5/2018

Hello Everyone

Social Butterfly

Rate THIS!
Unlocked on 6/23/2018

Lots of Stars
Unlocked on 7/7/2018

Total Judgement

Lots of Time


Step by Step
Unlocked on 6/18/2018

On a Roll
Unlocked on 6/27/2018

Well Rounded

It Never Ends


Head Spinner

What Next?

Thanks for the Suggestion

This Should Help


Yes, Organization!

Catalog Superstar

I Can Find Anything

Clever Girl
Unlocked on 6/21/2018

Now That's Dedication
Unlocked on 6/3/2018

Welcome to the Club
Unlocked on 6/18/2018

Sealed the Deal
Unlocked on 6/18/2018

Follow the Tracks
Unlocked on 8/13/2018

Master Hunter

Difficulty Selector
Unlocked on 6/18/2018

Super Evaluator
Unlocked on 7/9/2018

Thou Hast Done Well
Unlocked on 7/12/2018

Bad Dog!!

Tic-Tac, Sir?

Speed Demon

Oh a Big One!

Signature Required
Unlocked on 6/24/2018

New Recruit

Leading by Example

Time for Some R&R

Go Forth

Hello There

With Friends Like These...

Something on Your Mind?

Listen, My Friends


Let's Get Stacking!
Unlocked on 7/11/2018

Piling Up

Towering Above

Dropping My Two Cents

Have Some More Input

Stack Analyzer

Progress Will Be Made
Unlocked on 6/9/2018

Moving Forward

Goal Oriented

This Might Take a While

Tick Tock

8-bit Hero
Unlocked on 7/12/2018

For Aeris
Unlocked on 6/28/2018