Time to clear out this backlog

BY iambl33 ON August 25, 2023

I have a problem.

Steam sales, Birthday gifts, Christmas gifts - anytime spare change hits my pocket, these all factor towards my issue.

I have been playing games from a very young age, with older brothers leading the way. My first personal console was the SNES, but I was already exposed to the scene through watching my siblings play their NES or Master system until I could get my own grubby mitts on a controller myself.

Many fond memories are had around playing through the games of the time, they seemed tough then and took many an hour, and realistically they are probably still tough for my aging mind and body these days! There is one obvious difference though. During any downtime I would look at my console and have at most 3 to 5 games to choose from, 2 of those were likely filler games with only a couple of real hits. Super Mario would keep me busy for weeks, Legend of Zelda for years!

But now I look at my gaming catalogue and I am struck by choice paralysis, currently my steam library alone has 300 titles, while this may not seem like a lot in comparison to others it definitely is still more than I could ever hope to fully digest and enjoy. This is further compounded by EPIC games giving away free games every week, even if it is not a game that would usually interest me and hit that add to cart button like nothing else matters in life just to extend this already unmanageable library.

I honestly can not remember the last time I played a game to completion, not necessarily 100%, just even the main story or campaign. Each game I buy is treated like an old school demo disk, whack it in, play a few levels and forget about it.

This brings me here, a quick google search revealed this site to me, and I am hoping it can give me some accountability. My intention is to add my library to a list and actually start working through and ticking some boxes. Will I complete every game? No. Many of them? Probably not. But it is a start. I aim to have no more than 2 or 3 games on the go at once. Once a game is started, it stays on that list until decent progression is made and the game is as close to done as I can without going down the mega route of full achievement runs.

Watch this space my guys, wish me luck.


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