travplaysgames Posts: 38 Registered: 5/11/2016
# 1 - Posted on 5/13/2016 17:19:23

Hey guys, new here but I love the site and have been importing like crazy and trying to give as much feedback as possible.

Me and a buddy have also been doing a podcast about backlogging and beating games - we average about 250 listens per episode and growing. Would love your feedback, please check us out if you get a chance and are into that sort of thing.

WhitsEnd Curator Posts: 251 Registered: 2/29/2016
# 2 - Posted on 5/13/2016 21:18:11

Hey welcome!! Glad you are enjoying the site!

I will definitely check out your podcasts, this is something I have always been interested in dabbling in myself :)