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# 26 - Posted on 6/16/2016 19:12:44

Considering the flak NMS caught for their delay, I have to wonder if they're even on the show floor at e3.

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# 27 - Posted on 6/17/2016 4:30:33

@moho_00 & WhitsEnd: No doubt! It is definitely targeting that "fan of that era's 3D platformers" and seems poised to do well in that regard. My only concern is the number of stages (in the single digits) but they apparently can get quite large.

@WhitsEnd: I don't believe A Hat in Time was at E3, but the Kickstarter backers have had some access to it over time (I think????). I've not put any hands on time with it, unfortunately.

Tokyo Mirage Session was not around. As for Nintendo specifically, they previously stated their entire focus was on Zelda this year... so that's all that they had to display... kind of. I have heard that the new Paper Mario was playable in a secret room, but that's seemingly all.

Lol you are asking all the "right" game questions. Zero Time Dilemma was also not around. To be fair, I have only ever seen a visual novel demo at E3 once.

As for No Man's Sky, it also skipped this E3. Some press out there have had the opportunity to play it in the past, but those groups never included me. I think that was around March or April when a bunch of hands-on previews came out. A little surprised they're not willing to bring it out around people, but that just makes me believe their delay is more serious than they let on. Maybe I'm just a negative nancy though.

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# 28 - Posted on 6/17/2016 14:24:15

We might have NMS by the time the PS5 is announced.