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# 1 - Posted on 8/30/2016 19:14:11

In my humble opinion (see what I did there), this is the best Humble Bundle in some time now. Especially for those of us 30-somethings looking to relive our 90's childhood. And many of these are new to Steam (quite a few were limited to GOG before).


$1 Tier
Space Quest Collection
Phantasmagoria 1-2
Police Quest Collection

$BTA Tier
Arcanum: of Steamworks and Magick Obscura
Quest for Glory 1-5
Gabriel Knight 1-3

$15 Tier
Caesar 3-4
Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved
King's Quest Collection (1-7)
Velocity 2X

$20 Tier
King's Quest Complete Collection (5 episodes)

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# 2 - Posted on 8/30/2016 19:47:18

If it wasn't for gog.com already providing me with the vast majority of these games already in the past, I would be allllll over this.

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# 3 - Posted on 8/30/2016 19:50:05

Agreed, this is an incredible bundle! I've been interested in playing TimeShift, so I might pick up the BTA tier just to have it and all of the other ones on Steam (most of which I have on GOG already).

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# 4 - Posted on 8/30/2016 20:10:55

I just did the 1 dollar tier. The average is almost 12 bucks right now. Still isn't a bad deal considering all you get but I figure those games in the BTA will be super cheap on Steam at some point.

Plus, I would also suspect that as more people purchase the bundles, we'll see that BTA go down...if it gets around 5, I'd probably up my purchase to get the games in the BTA bundle.

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# 5 - Posted on 8/30/2016 21:23:47

Another bundle I'd be all over if it weren't for things I already have.

Here, it's the Space Quest and King's Quest collections on Steam and the Police Quest and Quest for Glory collections on GOG.

Side note: Both the Space Quest and King's Quest collections have a minor update. You now get the choice when you boot of "Play __ Quest Collection" or "Play __ Quest Collection Legacy". The only difference between the two modes is that selecting the first game of either series in the non-Legacy one gets you the original EGA version of the game, whereas in the Legacy, the first game is the VGA remake.

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# 6 - Posted on 8/31/2016 7:24:03

Got the complete package because :

a) played a lot of these games 20+ years ago and didn't pay for them then so do it now and hope some of the $$ goes to the original owners (Hope they didn't sell their IP)
b) Did own a fair amount on GOG already but not all, and always good to have a digital backup (as if Steam or Gog would fall over any time soon...)
c) The new King's Quest is actually quite good and always wanted to buy the full package. So I gave myself a reason to do it now
d) $20 for 35+ individual games is quite a bargain

Now about playing: I still want to give Hero's Quest a shot as I didn't do that before. I still want to replay Space Quest I, which was the first game I actually finished (or was it Indiana Jones... can't remember)
Also of course latest King's Quest and not to mention TimeShift which is actually quite enjoying and one of the better shooters around the time it was released (and still holds up pretty well due to the good mechanics)

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# 7 - Posted on 8/31/2016 16:19:29

When (most of) these games hit Steam earlier in the week I basically stopped breathing. Yes, I own a good deal of them in physical format and some on GOG, but... For whatever reason seeing Sierra classics on Steam was just a really impressive moment to me.

In any case, I'm absolutely picking up the complete set despite owning a fair amount of it already. What can I say? I like watching my Steam collection number go up.

PS: Gabriel Knight 1 is one of my favorite point and click adventure games ever. So is Phantasmagoria, but for reasons aside from "quality" lol.

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# 8 - Posted on 8/31/2016 20:09:12

Police Quest 4 is one of the most unintentionally hilarious games ever, because they made a response (with voice) for using your badge or gun on practically anything in the game.

My favorites include a fellow officer saying that she might file a sexual harassment complaint against you, and the narrator disgustedly saying "Get help, Carey!"