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# 1 - Posted on 7/14/18 10:07:15

The last release notes thread was back on 4/7/18, but there have actually been a number of releases since then, including today! We had several in a row that weren't very exciting since they centered on admin changes and a few things to prepare for Patreon and GDPR, so I was lazy and didn't post about them

So this is a recap of today's release, as well as some of the highlights from the past few months:

  • Started integrating the new way curators are tracking alias names which should have region / platform specific names showing up in various places, such as the Collection Search page
  • Added logic so when sorting data, if a game starts with "The", it will be sorted by the second word in its name (this is only on the Collection Search page at the moment)
  • Added a "minimized" mode when editing a stack to make it easier to drag 'n drop items on larger lists
  • Fixed a bug where the missions available count on the Guild page would show a negative amount
  • Fixed a bug where the alert icon tooltips in the left menu would show up, even if the alert wasn't there
  • Added Patreon integration with a backer forum and infrastructure to support backer-exclusive sneak preview features
  • Fixed a bug with paging on the Playthroughs page
  • Added tags as an option on the What Should I Play modal
  • Added a VGPC tooltip to the Collection Search page
  • Made some layout tweaks to the View Article page to make things easier on the eyes
  • Added a Browse Articles menu item that shows up when a user is not logged in
  • Removed Gravatar and added the option to upload an image directly onto Completionator
  • Added new options when registering for an account