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# 1 - Posted on 8/11/18 7:24:03

I just discovered the band Stryper, holy crap they're amazing!
listening 'To Hell with the Devil' (1986) album.

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stealthrush Posts: 36 Registered: 5/17/2017
# 2 - Posted on 9/06/18 23:46:46

listening to the G-punk group (hed) p.e. [Planet Earth]
Three albums debut, Broke, and Blackout. not bad!

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# 3 - Posted on 2/17/19 0:28:09

Nice, Stryper's pretty cool. I had a bit too much to drink and sang "To Hell with the Devil" for karaoke a while back at a bar, lol

I'm always listening to a random selection of my favorite artists and trying to find similar artists. I've been really liking Spotify the last few months for finding new bands and whatnot. I made a pretty massive playlist of all my favorites and just shuffle it all the time, hahaha:
Right now I've got queued up some Mogwai, Porcupine Tree, My Epic, & The Algorithm

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# 4 - Posted on 4/27/19 2:29:33

The Evpatoria Report - Dipole Experiment

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# 5 - Posted on 4/27/19 12:19:41

SiIvaGunner's high quality video game rips.