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# 1 - Posted on 2/23/2019 11:51:58

With the latest Completionator release, there's a new way to browse the database: By Platform! You can find it under the Browse Database menu. This feature has been a looooong time coming. There had been previous discussion in various threads like here and here. This feature has also been available in preview mode for Patreon Mega Backers for months now, but it sort of got derailed due to the 1.0 release

But now I've wrapped up the core functionality and it's ready for primetime! I still have lots of stuff I want to add to it, including bulk operations, but it should still be a nice alternative for the platform / regions that it supports.

The idea with this feature is that you can select a platform / region / format and view all games that have been released for your selection. This will hopefully make it easier if you're trying to do things like:

  • Collect all games for a given platform
  • Entering your collection from scratch and you want to do it by platform
  • Review what special editions / variants have been released for a game (like Greatest Hits, Player's Choice, etc)
  • Reference how many / what games were released for a given platform

The feature itself isn't anything earth-shattering. It's very similar to the original Browse Games (now called All Items) in that you can search for games and then add them to your collection, wish list, add a completion, or just look at 'em. The magic behind this feature is in the blood, sweat, tears, and MANY, MANY hours of entering data to make it all work! It's a very slow-moving process to curate the data to power these lists, so you'll notice there are a lot of platform / region combinations that are missing. And then there's accessories, hardware, etc. Oh, and digital releases. But we're getting there

Anyways, I hope everyone likes this new option and as always, let me know if you have any feedback!

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# 2 - Posted on 7/31/2020 20:44:45

With the next release, the "checklist" page will have a new filter option for identifying exclusives. This new dropdown has three options:

  • All Items
  • Items exclusive to this platform
  • Items exclusive to this platform / region

I've had situations in the past where I was interested in browsing a particular library, but only want to see games that were exclusive to it. I thought others might have had similar experiences, so hopefully this is a useful addition!