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# 1 - Posted on 3/04/19 16:30:45

I've been thinking about this a bit, as I've been queuing up titles ahead of time for me to play through, and I came across Metroid Prime. I remember having fun with that game, though never finishing it because I learned that there are some creatures that if you don't log them in your bestiary, you'd have to play the game over to get them.

The way I play games, especially the ones on this site, I try to complete them, collecting and unlocking everything, getting all the trophies/achievements, etc., and for games like Metroid Prime, I'm not sure if I want to get into it because I don't want to accidentally miss anything that would lead me into another play-through, but I don't want to play alongside a guide either (I'm impossible to please, I know).

Are their any games that give any of you this feeling? Whether there are extremely difficult trophies, because the game is too time-consuming, it has a steep learning curve, or for some other reason?

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It's not a certain game I have that feeling but many bigger games always have that. I'm not a completionist but if I don't 100% complete the game it usually keeps bugging me. A couple of years ago I got this idea in my head that my overall average completion % can't be lower than X in steam and psn etc. so sometimes I don't even start some games so my % doesn't drop because I fear that the game is big so I can't do 100%. which will drop my average. If I have to say a game then it will be Metro-series. I have always wanted to try those and I even own them but I just don't start them because I'm scared of the 100%.

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I think this is a great thread and find it interesting that trophies/achievements have this kind of affect on people's gaming habits.

For me personally, I try to score as many trophies/achievements as I can on any game I play. I want to experience as much of a game as I can (especially if I'm really enjoying the game) and sometimes trophies are there to help with identifying the things I wouldn't have normally done without them being there in the first place.

However, I can't say that I've ever let trophies/achievements hold me back from playing a game because I can't get them all or most of them. Sometimes, though, it does make me want to hold off on playing a certain game sooner rather than later because I know some of the bigger ones take a bit more time to get through and the trophies/achievements on those seem to be a bit more involved to attain. I will also admit that I try to research a little bit before hand on things I need to watch for while playing a game to get a sense of what to look for when trying to unlock them.