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# 1 - Posted on 3/20/19 5:35:53

Sorry to bring this up again, but it was on my mind. I'm not sure if the following perspective on the requirement of Completion Times has been addressed in another topic (tried searching a few threads, didn't see it), so I figured I'd just put it out there.

I know that Completions are meant for gathering average completion times against which people can compare their own times. And I know that entering 0:0:0 is bad because it skews those averages. I also saw that at some point there was a plan to be able to enter completions without a time.

I think the reason so many people enter completions without a time isn't because they don't think of simply changing the status to "Complete". They use Completionator as both their game index and their game journal. So when they beat a game and don't have a play time, they still want to mark down "On this day, in my messy dark basement, I completed this game." Then they can look back and see when was the last time they beat that game.

If I simply mark it "Complete", that could have been any time. I could have beaten the game 500 times, but all I'll see is Complete. It'd be nice to see 500 completions, even if they don't have play times, so I can see that I have no life, er, that I'm good at the game! >_> And so I can take down my notes of what I accomplished on that particular completion, just as I would if I were entering a time.

In such cases, of course, they would not be counted toward the average, and players can still journal their gaming.

Again, sorry if that aspect of it has already been addressed. :0

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# 2 - Posted on 3/20/19 16:47:55

I think with how things are implemented now, you can pretty much do things the way that you describe them. For instance, I was able to enter a second playthrough of The Witness since I've been puttering with it on ps4 after it was a ps+ freebie. I initially entered it as a 0:00:00 with my playthrough commentary. Then later updated it once I tallied up the time it took me the second go around.

The only thing a 0:00:00 time really does is prevent the completion statistics from showing up and counting towards stats on the game's public details page. It'll still keep the completion in your personal list for referencing. My second The Witness completion didn't show up on the game details page until after I added a non-zero time.

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# 3 - Posted on 3/21/19 11:46:16

As @dhobo mentioned, entering a 00:00:00 time should work fine and won't skew any statistics, so no worries there. However, at some point I do plan to rework the Add Completion modal so it's a little more intuitive that you can enter one without having an actual time. Right now it requires you to enter one, even if it's 0, but I'm sure that's confusing to new users.

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Ah, ok, I'm glad it won't mess up anything. Thanks for replying, that solves that for me. :D

The 0s aren't a problem for now. It's the logical next best guess when blanks don't work.