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# 1 - Posted on 8/02/19 20:38:43

In between large features (such as challenges and the 1.0 release earlier this year), I sometimes struggle to come up with a list of priorities. Completionator has been publicly available for over five years (!) now and I feel like it's covering all of the bases in regards to collecting / backlog management, so there aren't any giant features that are straight up missing. There are LOTS of little tweaks / enhancements that could be made, but even things that seem small on the surface might actually be rather large tasks. Of course, I can always come up with new ideas, but just because I think of it, doesn't mean it's actually a good idea or something that would be widely used. Additionally, with features like challenges, bounties, articles, etc, there's data / content that needs to be entered to help drive them.

That being said, I wanted to sort of hit you all with a lightning round of potential options for what you'd like to see worked on. Below is a list of things that I could spend some time on and each of them has been assigned a letter. If you're interested in participating, please post in this thread with the letters (ex. "ABEG") that correspond to things you'd like me to work on. Feel free to expand upon why you did or did not select certain letters, I'm always interested in receiving feedback And if NONE of these options appeal to you, let me know that too!

  • A) Create moar challenges!
  • B) For crying out loud, give me the ability to select my preferred date format (instead of MM/DD/YYYY)!
  • C) Write some new articles, sheesh!
  • D) You gotta have some more ideas for reports, right?
  • E) Where are those goal templates you said you were working on?
  • F) How about sending me some notifications when stuff happens, like when new challenges / bounties are posted, somebody replies to a forum thread, etc?
  • G) Maybe something to beef up stacks to help organize them better so I can more easily find ones that interest me?
  • H) The Browse by Platforms page is awfully bare, how about going on a data entry binge and get more stuff added there?
  • I) I want to interact with my friends more...I don't know how or what, just make it happen!
  • J) That Game Details revamp sounded pretty neat, go do that!
  • K) I really don't like how it takes so long to update VGPC data, do it more often!
  • L) You've mentioned multiple times how you want to change rating / difficult to be platform-specific, so do it!
  • M) I'd like to interact more outside the Completionator website (gaming nights, streaming, etc), maybe look into options there?
  • N) Let's clean up that Excel export and add in a shiny new CSV option!
  • O) It sure would be handy if paging / sorting / filtering would update the browser URL so I could share it with others or bookmark it for myself!
  • P) I want all of the emojis ever!
  • Q) Man, those Quick Add / Edit modals are a mess, clean 'em up!

Everyone that posts (as indicated above) in this thread between now and 11:59PM EST on 8/11/19 will be entered into a giveaway for a $10 Steam gift card (or if you prefer, any game on GOG that costs $10 or less). I'll randomly select a winner out of those who post and announce the winner in this thread.

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# 2 - Posted on 8/05/19 12:36:54

Top picks:

Lower priority, but would still like to have:

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# 3 - Posted on 8/10/19 16:25:49

Bumping this up since there's only about a day left, if anyone wants to challenge @warringshogun for the gift card

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# 4 - Posted on 8/10/19 16:39:17

I don't want a gift card, but I'll give input!

A-Q sound good, just do all of those :P

Seriously though, I'm all about refining things or adding quality of life features to the site, so: E, J, L, N, O, and Q

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# 5 - Posted on 8/10/19 16:45:19


moho_00 Curator Backer Posts: 4359 Registered: 6/10/2011
# 6 - Posted on 8/17/19 19:11:48

I rolled the almighty D20 and the winner is...@Cheesyben! If you want to add me on Steam (moho_00), I'll send your gift card to ya. Or, if you prefer GOG, post a game $10 or less here and I'll send you a code to the email address you use for Completionator.

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# 7 - Posted on 8/18/19 11:27:42

I'm so happy to see that my name has been drawn out! also my name on Steam is Ben Roddison just to clear up any confusion.

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# 8 - Posted on 8/19/19 1:06:56

Well, apparently you have to be friends on Steam for 3 days or something before you can send a gift card. I accepted your request though, so I'll send it to ya later this week. Sorry about that, I didn't realize that was a requirement!

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# 9 - Posted on 8/23/19 0:44:19

@Cheesyben - Your gift card has been sent!

Cheesyben Posts: 82 Registered: 12/31/2018
# 10 - Posted on 8/25/19 14:02:46

Thank you :) sorry it took a few days to reply, I'm currently away and the wifi isn't great here.