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FletchWazzle Posts: 3 Registered: 12/1/2016
# 1 - Posted on 8/04/19 15:00:04

My favorite game for PS3 (right up there with MAG & Savage Moon) is/was Comet Crash. On PS4 it got a sequel in Comet Crash 2. Including with it the online play that was missing from the first title. I cannot recommend it enough.

The game Comet Crash 2 is an action tower defense with 2-3 player co-op campaign and 2-4 player versus. In addition to placing towers you also fly around collecting asteroids and disrupting fire. The armies attacking you are sent by the other player just as you create barrack towers & such to generate troops that you choose when to send and how many at your enemy. There's a wide variety of troops and towers, upgrading & repairs to be done, strategizing on pathing, and fighting over valuable asteroids to be mined.

If any of this sounds interesting, There's a lengthy campaign with like 50 maps to complete. But in full disclosure, the online is sadly sparse enough where its bring your own friends or arrange a game via the community (I've played a ton with my friends, as well as battled the best in the game, and I thought I was good).

Mutrain Posts: 14 Registered: 5/23/2019
# 2 - Posted on 8/13/19 15:42:05

Hey FletchWazzle. Thanks for bringing this game to our attention. I've never heard of it before and do have fun playing tower defense games. I'll have to check it out.