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I've recently come across some games from the "Asia" region, which aren't Japanese. Play Asia's exclusives are examples of games that would fit in the "Asia" region.

While I don't own any games from there, I also know that Australia is another region with its own release dates and such. South America (specifically for the Sega Master System, it seems) could potentially be another.

Are there plans on implementing those regions and/or others into the site at some point?

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Adding more regions is something that's been on my list for a while. They require a bit more effort to add than other items, such as platforms, but I would definitely like to add more support in this area. The three you mentioned are the ones I would likely add first since I run into them fairly regularly as well.

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# 3 - Posted on 10/26/2019 17:15:14

I went ahead and added the following regions: Asia, Australia, and South America. I'm not an expert by any means on region codes and whatnot, so I did not include anything with the text. I might end up dropping them from the existing, so "North America (NTSC-C)" would be simply "North America".

Also, we used to have a "Worldwide" region that was used mostly for curator purposes. It was available on a couple of screens, inadvertently, but it has been enabled everywhere now. However, I've rebranded it as "Region Free". This will be especially helpful for things like mods, browser games, indie (physical) releases, homebrew, etc.

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