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# 1 - Posted on 5/22/2020 19:25:20

Hey everyone,

I wanted to post a separate thread to let everyone know about some of the recent (and upcoming) improvements to the VGPC integration here on the site. In recent weeks, you may have noticed a couple of new features:

  • Support for Japan and Europe region games
  • Added VGPC support for some smaller libraries: Arcadia 2001, Bally Astrocade, Fairchild Channel F, Game & Watch,, Mattel Aquarius, Sega Pico

Those two are already on the site, but I have another one that's going to be unleashed in the next release (which will be later this weekend): Automatic daily VGPC pricing updates.

For those that aren't aware, up until now, I would need to purchase an export file from VGPC and then load it in. While I had this process scripted out, it still required some manual intervention to massage the data and dump it into the database. I would do this every 1-6 months (yes, it really was that large of a range). I've changed this up so the process is fully automated and will run every night.

On a day-to-day basis, you won't notice much by this change, but now your estimated values won't get out of date! Please note that as new games are released, there will still be a manual action required to map the VGPC entry to the one here on Completionator. This is by-design and I have no plans to ever automate this component so we can have better control over accuracy. But, as always, if you find something that's missing a value, you can post here in this thread and we can fix things up for you.

I've already tested the automation and I do not anticipate any issues, but once it runs (starting tonight), let me know if you see any weirdness around the integration.

Additionally, I'm going to be working on adding support for some more outlier platforms, namely Jaguar CD, Sega CD 32X, and TurboGrafx CD. These platforms are, unfortunately, lumped in with their base platform (so Jaguar CD is considered to be Jaguar on VGPC), so I will need to find a way to split these out. I've looked at it and some will be easy, some will not. I don't have a timeline for this yet, but it's on my radar!

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# 2 - Posted on 5/26/2020 17:32:00

This is a great update, thanks moho_00! I know a lot of people will be happy to have more consistently updated price info for their collections, myself included :)