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Lahdgren Posts: 53 Registered: 4/15/2020
# 1 - Posted on 1/12/2021 23:55:09

This is an idea I came up with for a forum game. The rules are simple find a game that was released on your birthday, if there isn't one available on your birth year keep going until you do.

For example my birthdate June 9th 1993 doesn't have a game release so I go until I find a year that does. In this case it was 2003 which was Donkey Kong Country for GBA

Post what you find and it's your gaming birthstone, you also have to add it to your wishlist or playlist.

tarzanslam Curator Posts: 311 Registered: 1/25/2016
# 2 - Posted on 1/13/2021 2:11:18

I like this challenge! However, being born in 1979 makes it a difficult since recordkeeping on game releases doesn't appear to be very good from 41 years ago. I'll keep looking but the closest I could find was Prince of Persia for the Apple II on October 3, 1989 when I turned 10 years old.

There were some games released in 1979 but I have no idea if it was on my birthday. I'd like to think that Superman for the Atari was since it was released in '79, man I loved that game when I was 4 or 5 years old.

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dhobo Curator Backer Posts: 1878 Registered: 1/5/2015
# 3 - Posted on 1/13/2021 20:12:24

Yeah, I suffer from old fart syndrome (relatively speaking) as well and don't have oodles of info for game releases on my birth year.

I fall somewhere between the arcade release for Defender and the PC release of Ultima.

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Drymonema Curator Backer Posts: 393 Registered: 5/31/2016
# 4 - Posted on 1/13/2021 20:40:14

Since it's tough finding exact release dates for early game decades, I think the closest to my DOB I can find are Block Gal in arcade, and the Sharp X68000 console. Obviously both winners.

Starlightify Posts: 1 Registered: 11/21/2021
# 5 - Posted on 11/21/2021 4:27:18

This is a great cool thing to think about! I had a go myself if that was alright, and the exact month and day I got was Klonoa: Door to Phantomile, which makes me happy because it's a game I've recently been playing.

AllTheTrophies Curator Backer Posts: 69 Registered: 7/27/2018
# 6 - Posted on 11/21/2021 18:23:02

This is interesting, don't know how I missed this the first time around. Nothing on my actual birthday, and then years and years later Gradius Advance comes out for the GBA and Empire Earth for Windows, both in 2001.

jwcooley Curator Posts: 960 Registered: 2/28/2014
# 7 - Posted on 11/21/2021 18:34:46

Not from the day I was born but in the month (October 1984):


Lahdgren Posts: 53 Registered: 4/15/2020
# 8 - Posted on 11/22/2021 16:57:13

@AlltheTrophies I'd be happy about Empire Earth