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# 1 - Posted on 7/8/2021 0:02:33

I just recently plugged the Ouya in after 8-9 years of it sitting on a shelf. I beat a few games on it, and when I went to log completion times for those games, I noticed that we didn't have an Ouya platform here.

Soooo, my question is would it be worth adding the Ouya and its games to this website? The Ouya did have a handful of exclusive games not released anywhere else, but everything was digital, and the official store closed back in 2019 (but an unofficial "store" has opened up in its place that you can direct the Ouya to if you desire), so it's not like folks can really purchase games for the Ouya to add them to their collections anymore. Also, the console and any exclusives for it probably won't generate much traffic here - I can't imagine the demand for Ouya content is high. On the other hand, there are weirdos like me that like to play obscure consoles like this one from time to time, so it's not like the Ouya stuff will go completely ignored, with completion times and such likely added now and then.

So after all that babbling, what's everyone else's opinion? Is it worth adding the Ouya at this point, or is it a console that's best left forgotten?

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# 2 - Posted on 7/8/2021 0:14:10

Hmm...I thought for sure we had Ouya in our platform list! It definitely warrants an entry here and I've already added one for it I had no idea there was a community-backed replacement, that's pretty cool! It reminds me of how communities keep MMO games running after they've been "officially" retired.

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moho, you're like a cheetah covered in grease, riding a lightning bolt strapped to a rocket ship......kinda fast. I'll try to start adding some content for it in the next few days. is the website that has directions and such, if you or anyone is interested. It sounds like some indy developers are still making some games for the Ouya as well, and those games are available on that site, too. The downside is that since the real servers are down, most games that you might have purchased in the past are now downgraded to their demo form since the Ouya can't reach the original server to verify the purchase anymore. Still, it's kinda fun to revisit this console nearly a decade after it first launched.