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# 1 - Posted on 1/14/2023 13:13:39


I really like the "Thoughts" feature. Found out that I also love to read the thoughts of others, especially the ones from the regulars of the page. The "issue" (If you can call it that) is that there is basically no way to tell if someone wrote a thought about something, without either stalking their profile or skimming the games Community Tabs.

So my idea would be that there is like a "ticker" for new written thoughts somewhere in a box on the front page. Like the new Stacks box or who is new to the platform. Maybe even make it readable from there, like the free space under Recently Added games.

I hope that my rambling does make some sense, If it doesn´t, I could also make some visual mock-ups to show what I mean. (Would take a little)

What do you guys think?

WeirdLittleDog Curator Posts: 191 Registered: 3/20/2021
# 2 - Posted on 1/29/2023 1:46:04

I haven't thought about this before (mostly because I think this is a feature that's so tucked away I often forget it exists), but now that you mention it, I would love to see something like this on the front page. A box that shows the most recent Thoughts posted on the site, whether it shows the whole Thought or just says "new Thought on This Game by XYZ," would be cool. Honestly, I'm such a big fan of the idea of this feature that I'd support anything that brings it more to the forefront.

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# 3 - Posted on 1/31/2023 3:49:33

I agree! I use the thoughts very often as I complete games and I enjoy reading other player's thoughts! Highlighting this on the front page would be a nice addition!

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# 4 - Posted on 1/31/2023 15:20:09

I also think it's a great suggestion! Would love to see more of them without looking for them.

LadyMarble Posts: 7 Registered: 3/16/2023
# 5 - Posted on 5/23/2023 2:22:07

As no mod has replied yet, I'll add that I would also love to see more focus on the thoughts feature!
I use thoughts like a mini blog/comment for when I finish games or the things I think about whilst playing them.
Being able to read other user's thoughts more readily should improve the user interactions on the site, too!

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# 6 - Posted on 6/21/2023 18:32:21

Considering that when I first saw Thoughts, I saw them as a wonderful way to share takes or little jokes about your experience with the game, I super support this idea.

(Clearly I just want people to see my lame jokes.)