The_Patbey Posts: 2 Registered: 1/4/2023
# 1 - Posted on 1/22/2023 8:20:57

This feels like a stupid question but I've tried to do this for several minutes. Is there no way to remove games from a list, without removing them from the entire collection?

Edit: I figured it out, I had to change to the 'Shelf' view in order to be able to click on 'set lists' where I could then deselect that specific list.

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moho_00 Curator Backer Posts: 6360 Registered: 6/10/2011
# 2 - Posted on 1/22/2023 12:24:40

The "Set Lists" link should show up on the Expanded view as well. However, minimized does not offer the option unless you expand the item.

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The_Patbey Posts: 2 Registered: 1/4/2023
# 3 - Posted on 1/22/2023 12:42:47

Oh my god, I'm so blind, I see it now. Thanks! I was looking too much at the options on the right and the bulk edit options