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# 1 - Posted on 4/30/2023 11:43:31

As collectors I suspect many of us have at least a handful of games we'd like to own but likely never will because of limited availability and / or oppressive price tags. What are some of yours?

I think one of my biggest ones is Monster World IV on the Mega Drive. Absolutely lovely game that's one of my favourites, and I've cleared it multiple times due to its availability in other forms, but the physical copy for Mega Drive goes for well over 100 quid on eBay these days. Have mulled over the possibility quite a few times, as it's not an unaffordable amount of money and there are much more expensive games out there. But it's still a big ask to pay the cost of three or four major new releases to own something I've already beaten multiple times. Wish I had bought it years ago when it was a lot cheaper, but hindsight is always 20/20 I guess. :D

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I was originally going to say Dokapon Kingdom on the Wii after watching TheRunawayGuys play through it. Cost on Amazon is astronomical if it's even for sale to begin with. However recently it was announced that there's going to be a version on the Switch coming out, so I guess it's not a white whale anymore :P

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Mine would be Snatcher on Sega CD....I thought I had purchased a legitimate copy off of eBay back when I was in college, but after receiving it in the mail, it was pretty obvious that I got a bootleg. It still plays, so at least there's that, but I'd love to own a legitimate copy...especially since there's a belief that bootleg games can wear out the laser faster on the Sega CD. The price keeps rising for Snatcher, but, I'm hoping I can find it for a reasonable price at some point. I got Panzer Dragoon Saga for $10 at a garage sale about a decade ago...I'm hoping to have lighting strike twice with Snatcher, though I highly doubt I'll be lucky enough to get it THAT cheap.

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I'd LOVE to own a physical copy of the Duckman point-&-click game for the PC, just as a fan of the show and collecting games, it's something that has eluded me for years and years. This is something that can at least be played online at this point if you'd ever want to experience it, but man oh man if I had a physical version of the game I would be overjoyed

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Mine would be the same as Arcinia's, Dokapon was mine until the remaster got announced. Got it on release day and it's nice finally having it in my collection with nicer visuals. Beyond that, it's tough to pick one. Most are just expensive games on a list but I don't have as much attachment. Closest might be Sparkster, but I've yet to even get Rocket Knight Adventures. Zero the Kamikaze Squirrel, since I liked Aero the Acrobat? I'm not entirely sure.