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# 1 - Posted on 9/7/2023 0:16:50

I was thinking about how some people keep schedules IRL and thought "can the same be done for one's backlog of games?"

So I'm just curious. Does anyone keep a schedule for their games?

What I mean is: Say you're playing Game A, B, and C. You really like A, and kinda like B and C. So you would play Game A on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. You would play Game B on Tuesday and Thursday. And finally Game C on Saturday and Sunday.

I feel like doing this could limit you to what you're playing, keeping focus on a select few games. Maybe even helping a problem I have with me being unfocused with what games I want to play and finish. However one of the drawbacks I can think of is if you were playing multiple story-driven games, it might get confusing to follow those stories. Thoughts?

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I don't do games on certain days but I usually determine times on when I play the two games that I play. For example, I normally do my current switch game in the mornings, and at lunch because I take care of my dogs in the morning, and then i try to do my other game which is the main game on my platform that I play in my room. Sometimes I only play for a certain amount of time due to IRL stuff but i normally set times where I play games, and it works. The only thing is when i wont have a switch game as one of my games because then i might have to destinate what I feel like playing at that point.

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My "schedule" is chaotic as all hell. I play every single game I am currently having a playthrough of every day, for anywhere between 15 mins to an hour. This is mostly because I juggle multiple games at a time and focus on completing entire series before moving further down my backlog.

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I'm kind of in the same boat as Method, but instead of planning game X on certain days, game Y on another etc, I usually have a "morning" game - something light but something to get the mind going, a "bedtime" game - something I can play when I'm laying in bed or just laying around in the evening, and then after work/weekends are mostly a free-for-all depending on the type of day I had (e.g. a good day means I'll take on a challenge or something more story-driven, a bad day means I'll want to hack and slash away at some mobs etc).