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What's your stance on achievements and games with them?
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Hey all, I've been thinking about doing a month later this year where I don't do anything but hunt achievements on my games to "tidy them up" or use it as an excuse to vanquish my backlog a bit more. Maybe make it a game of its own, and it made me curious about how others battled it out with achievements, trophies etc.

For me? I like doing it when I'm in a gaming funk and it gives me reasonable objectives to aim for (e.g. win a run in Vampire Survivors with these restrictions to unlock this achievement and Y), but I'm not too crazy about 100%ing unless I happen to be so close, or if I absolutely loathed a game and I got so few achievements on it that it "ruins" my overall percentage, which I've grown to ignore more.

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for me I will go for achievements if I'm really enjoying a game quite a bit and want an excuse to play more so I guess it depends on the title. I do always 100% the Lego games I play though (not that they take much to do so) :3

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@EffieMeow that's pretty much the same take I have with achievements and games I really like! The only reason I still have missing achievements on Halls of Torment is because they're still working on the game and I rather knock them out once the game's done. :)

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Yeah, I've got a bit of a problem where I feel I need to 100% everything I play for full enjoyment. Like an itch I need to scratch. I don't actually end any playthroughs on the site unless I feel I've fully completed the game, and if I get tired of something I'll just put it on hold, even if I've finished the main game. Just my playstyle though

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I used to try to get them more during the Xbox 360 era. I wouldn't go 100% but I'd see what some of the objectives were and try to get some. But these days I don't pay much attention to them!

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I'll usually take a look at achievement lists out of curiosity if they're there, but it's very rare that I'll actively pursue any of them. The handful of games I've come close to 100%-ing the achievements on have been purely by accident because the achievement lists tend to line up pretty closely with a standard 100% playthrough. So largely number three for me, I think.

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100% all the things or bust.

My only gripe with achievements is that they aren't comprehensive enough in most games to cover every last little thing you can do and I end up having to make my own checklist.

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Lot of great responses! Gotta love seeing the motivation :) I used to be huge on it back in my 360 days, trying to get a lot of GS if possible. Probably would've maintained that if Steam incentivised achievements more than just a count/percentage. PSN trophies are cool too but I didn't get my first one until after I got "bleh" from Steam. I usually aim for like 60% achievements though :)

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For me it varies. Usually I'll just play through a game normally and afterwards look at what's left to determine how many more I want to get and if I want to try to get them all but there's exceptions where I go in aiming for certain achievements. I usually don't get them all though, I only have 12 perfects currently.

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Gosh I used to stress over trophy/achievements, always reading up on a game before I started it, often playing fully with a guide. But I've been working on letting that go over the past couple years and trying to view trophies as a bonus and not the goal. Now I usually only 100% a game if its something that I want to and still provides entertainment doing so.

Recent example is Tales of Arise - this platinum run doesn't require a collectable guide, and doesn't have NG+ requirements. It's bonus dungeon and some misc cleanup on sidequests that you want to do anyway if you're invested in the story. Compare that to the grind that older Tales games have with multiple NG+ requirements and it is night and day.

But even that said! I naturally will gravitate towards a game's version with achievements over a version without, even if I have access to the achievement less version. I like the reward, or maybe my brain has that reward response syndrome and can't shake it, haha.

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It depends on the game for me. Usually I just play a game to the end, but if I want more out of it I'll go for as many achievements as I can. I've gotten all trophies in some of my favorite games such as Signalis, Persona 5 (vanilla and Royal), Crash N Sane Trilogy, and Resident Evil 2; but there are titles such as Dead Space and FFXIII that I want to get all achievements in yet I just don't have the skill or time to grind them. I've tried to focus more on enjoying my journey with a game over proving how good I am at it. Plus with some games like Persona 5, by the time I finished getting all achievements I was so sick of the game at that point because of the grind (even though it is still one of my all-time favorites).

I started Persona 3 Reload a couple of days ago and my goal is to just enjoy the game and finish the story. If I want more out of the game then I'll go back and work on trophies, but I don't want to do it just because I feel like I have to prove how much I really enjoyed a game.