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# 1 - Posted on 3/29/2024 19:58:50

On my last steam import, several items did not get imported so I added them to the new request section (the new C&C collection, newest Humble Choice stuff, and a couple misc). After a day, a few of them were marked as already on the site and so I hit import again, and they popped up. Today, a few more were marked as already on the site so I deleted the requests, but when I import they still aren't being found.

Is there a separate place to report games that are on the site but not importing properly from steam?

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# 2 - Posted on 3/30/2024 0:06:56

Unfortunately, item requests and the Steam import are independent queues and aren't always worked in tandem. I try to handle them together when I spot requests that maybe came through via Steam, but I'm sure I miss some from time to time and I can't speak for others on how they handle it.