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moho_00 Curator Backer Posts: 6876 Registered: 6/10/2011
# 1 - Posted on 4/28/2024 11:42:54

What would you like the theme to be?
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Mostly the same options from the last poll. Strategy Games would likely run for two months.

AllTheTrophies Curator Backer Posts: 116 Registered: 7/27/2018
# 2 - Posted on 4/28/2024 13:23:14

I wouldn't mind something a little light going into the summer, but we'll see!

Arcinia Curator Posts: 54 Registered: 4/13/2021
# 3 - Posted on 4/29/2024 12:06:14

Mm, Castlevania is tempting, but that's more a fall series to me and with the weather getting decent up my way, cozy just sounds right!

iJon0187 Backer Posts: 36 Registered: 3/29/2021
# 4 - Posted on 4/30/2024 1:46:16

man these are great choices! Cozy sounds awesome but so does light gun games!!

moho_00 Curator Backer Posts: 6876 Registered: 6/10/2011
# 5 - Posted on 4/30/2024 22:03:05

We're going to go with Cozy Games, so if you have any that you've been wanting to play, let me know!