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# 1 - Posted on 7/8/2024 11:59:02

Hiya! Was looking at my Completion Activity page (from the Reports tab) and noticed that when you're viewing completions within a specific month and you finished a game on the final day of that month, the game doesn't seem to show up under the completions breakdown for the month in question.

As an example, I finished two games on the final day of a month so far this year, Shining in the Darkness (on March 31st) and Soul Blazer (on May 31st). But neither are listed when I view my completions for March 2024 and May 2024 respectively, nor on my list of completions for April and June. Both do appear when I view all of my completions for the year of 2024, though, so possibly a little bug with the way the monthly breakdown determines when a month ends? Not a big deal at all, but thought I'd flag it up since I noticed. :)