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Was it really all just a dream?
The crystal comes back.
Smile(a)bit, you're riding a dragon!
It's time for basic braining.
Music is the weapon.
Just keep swimming.
It all began on Spiral Mountain...
How does this "Georama" thing work again?
Are you an extreme trashman?
The one and only "pick and flick adventure".
Nothing is free. Not even...revenge.
Munchin' on some cubes.
You rang?
What's your major malfunction!?
Knat! Knat! Knat!
Mouse Mania!
Pretty bold, aren't we? I'll take care of you myself!
You must stop Dr. Hellman!
It has Metal Gear, but not THAT Metal Gear...?
Daughter. Darkness. Destiny. Despair. Delirium. Death. Damnation.
I can remember the first time I followed one with green hair and a blue robe.
Hardest parking garage tutorial EVER!
12/31/2030: The end of days...
After you die by the sword, you face the wyrm.
Riskiest battle system?
Explore Naju from within.
You'd better wear gloves for this tug-o-war.
That ark you have really shines!
Perhaps the finest hummingbird simulator ever made.