Started, but didn't finish


published on July 1, 2021


games I didn't finish for a variety of reasons

Alien: Isolation

I think I got stuck at a particularly tricky part and didn't feel like continuing. Good game though, I'll have to revisit this with a walkthrough.


Only played the first few hours and I loved it, but I got tired of streaming it. I definitely have to get back into it soon.


Manifold Garden

Got stuck on a tricky, complicated puzzle I didn't feel like solving. Not a high priority on my list.



I tried playing over the course of several months, and just couldn't get into it. I think the opening town you visit put me off.

Rocket League

Unsolvable packet loss issues. I pulled my hair out trying to find why before I realized it wasn't really worth the effort.



Put enough time into the game to know it's not my cup of tea. I could potentially be convinced to give it another go but I don't think I will.

Metro 2033 Redux

Got stuck in a really tricky situation before my computer crashed and I just haven't been bothered to return.

Slay the Spire

Loved this game, beat the Act 3 boss with each character and couldn't progress any further. It was fun but I definitely won't be back for a while.

Dead Cells

Game is a lot of fun but it also is just too hard.



Had a lot of fun, made it to the final area but wasn't quite able to finish, and the prospect of getting good enough again to beat it doesn't interest me.

Hollow Knight

I have a love/hate relationship with this game but ultimately I decided it wasn't worth the stress.


Risk of Rain 2

Had a lot of fun but I got tired of playing solo. When I have friends to play with I'll happily pick this one back up.

Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut

I went in knowing the game wasn't very good and still came out disappointed. Wow this game is awful (or at least the PC port is. Also I'm aware the "DX" version differs from the original).

Stardew Valley

Made it through a full year, got married, got most of the way through the dungeon before the weight of how much left there was to do finally got to me. Maybe one day I'll be back.


Loved the first game, idk why I didn't get into this one. Maybe I got bored.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla

I liked the first two hours of the game well enough, but it didn't hook me and I sure as hell wasn't planning on putting 40-50 hours into just the main campaign.



Great game that is severely hurt by the lack of a map. By day three or four I was sick of having to backtrack just to remember where I was so I put it down. Maybe one day I'll return.


My GamePass subscription expired before I could finish. I want to get back to it asap.

Final Fantasy VII

My GamePass subscription expired before I could finish. I enjoyed it well enough, and I'll probably try to finish it when I can.

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