Top 100 Worst Games on Steam

Published on January 25, 2023
Last updated on February 2, 2023
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Here are the top 100 worst rated games on Steam ranked based on my own personal opinion. 1 means that it is the worst game on the list, and eventually 100 will mean that the game is the "best of the worst".


Autobahn Police Simulator

Autobahn Police Simulator is a rough game overall. It would be forgettable if the game was just boring, but with all of the glitches it just seems unfinished. With Z-Software boasting that this series is their most successful IP, it really feels like they just wanted to finish this game as soon as possible and start working on a sequel rather than make sure the first game was good enough. A series is only as strong as its weakest entry, and if the company doesn’t care to put more effort into CREATING their game, why should I care about PLAYING their game?

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