Top 100 Worst Games on Steam

Published on January 25, 2023
Last updated on March 23, 2023
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Here are the top 100 worst rated games on Steam ranked based on my own personal opinion. 1 means that it is the worst game on the list, and eventually 100 will mean that the game is the "best of the worst".


Airport Simulator 2014

I found it very hard to enjoy anything about this game. The gameplay loop is very stale. You teleport to a car and drop it off somewhere. That's pretty much it. Not that you'd know that since the game just drops you into the world and expects you to figure it out. Some trucks are super loud and others are quiet. Some drive slow and others drive extremely slow. I found so many graphical glitches, gameplay glitches that prevented me from progressing, and the game crashed several times. The game also isn't fun to play, it doesn't run well, and the developers obviously didn't care about the quality of the game. I cannot think of a single reason for anyone to buy this game, and unless the developer is willing to completely rework the game from the ground up, I think Airport Simulator 2014 is better left forgotten.


Monopoly Plus

For a game produced by a multi-billion dollar company I gotta say that I am extremely disappointed. I feel like this game is just a bunch of missed potential. There’s only three maps, and only one of them is worth playing. There are a couple sets of rules, but all of them are bland and you can only play one set of rules at a time. The actual game itself isn’t fun either. The AI take too long, they often agree to poor trades regardless of their difficulty, and they only ever initiated a trade one time in two games. If you really want to play Monopoly with friends, I would recommend buying something like Tabletop Simulator over this game. Unless you are really desperate for AI players to go against, I can't recommend anything here.


Autobahn Police Simulator

Autobahn Police Simulator is a rough game overall. It would be forgettable if the game was just boring, but with all of the glitches it just seems unfinished. With Z-Software boasting that this series is their most successful IP, it really feels like they just wanted to finish this game as soon as possible and start working on a sequel rather than make sure the first game was good enough. A series is only as strong as its weakest entry, and if the company doesn’t care to put more effort into CREATING their game, why should I care about PLAYING their game?



When it comes to Ampersand, although I find that the game is filled with a lot of glitches, they don’t directly affect the gameplay too much. If you want to play a racing game then this wouldn’t be the first one I’d recommend. But I don’t know if I would consider this one of the worst games of all time. With a little polish, I think this has the foundation to become a pretty fun game. But for now, I think this game will just collect dust in my virtual library.



From the little of the game I was able to play, I thoroughly enjoyed the graphics and feel of the game, even if movement felt a little awkward. The story seemed somewhat interesting, and the game had a lot of content for a free to play game. Sure some people might argue that the game is over monitized, but that doesn’t bother me when the game has always been free. What does bother me is that the game installs anti-cheat without permission and leaves it installed when I delete it. Even though the game itself is fun, if I cannot run the game without fearing for the security of my computer, I don't think I can reasonably endorse the game.

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