Backlog Collector: Completed Games 2023

Published on June 9, 2024
Last updated on June 9, 2024
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The never ending adventure of collecting my backlog, I do actually finish games every now then. This means more space on the backlog! Last year I realized I had become more of a game collector than game player. I had a couple that I would play all the time but also an entire library of games I wanted to play. So I decided to make some room on my backlog.


Dave the Diver

I bought this game purely based on a cutscene animation I saw, and then did not watch anything else about the game so I wouldn't spoil anything for myself. I did not even realize I had a Dave shaped hole in my life <3 I loved every minute of this game , Many times when I only had a short time for gaming that day I just found myself fishing and running the sushi shop while ignoring the missions. Dave the Diver was so easy to load up and lose hours completing missions and fighting bosses, but it was also fun to just plug in for a couple hours and relax while running Bancho's. This one is still on my playlist and not just because of the DLC!


Underground Blossom

I was watching someone play the beginning of this on YT and found myself talking to the TV (we've all been there) So I decided to get the game and try it myself if I was so clever. I really enjoyed solving the puzzles and decided to buy the whole Rusty Lake collection. The rest of this list was the result of that

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