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stealthrush Posts: 35 Registered: 5/17/2017
# 1 - Posted on 8/2/2018 5:59:27

What are your favorite beverages? could be alcoholic, fountain drink, anything! I just discovered the 'original elixir' Moxie Soda. enjoying the novocaine flavor haha.

AllTheTrophies Curator Backer Posts: 116 Registered: 7/27/2018
# 2 - Posted on 8/2/2018 11:41:16

You know, I'll drink most anything that is lying around at a party or a gathering, but I tend to lean towards tea. When I'm playing games and when I'm at work, pretty much the only thing I can drink is green tea, because I guess it relaxes me. Have to say I've never heard of Moxie Soda though

moho_00 Curator Backer Posts: 6876 Registered: 6/10/2011
# 3 - Posted on 8/6/2018 0:59:16

I'd say I just drink water 80% of the time. I cut out soda a few years ago and eventually started drinking Zevia as an alternative. It's not bad, but not as good as the real thing. But at least I'm not getting the crazy amount of sugar. I really like several of the Bai flavors and I've recently gotten into the flavored Core waters.

Drymonema Curator Backer Posts: 395 Registered: 5/31/2016
# 4 - Posted on 8/7/2018 16:14:13

Beer and coffee. Too much of both.

Finnn62 Posts: 12 Registered: 1/5/2019
# 5 - Posted on 2/17/2019 0:37:18

Energy Drinks (NOS, Amp, Monster), Tea (Earl Grey, Orange Pekoe, Rooibos), Wine (Riesling White, Rose), Beer (Lager, Pale Ale, Ginger Beer), Apple Cider, Liquor (Fireball Whiskey, Lemon Gin, Spiced Rum), Fruit Smoothies (Various, I just throw fruits & veggies & stuff in the blender and then half the time it's drinkable and half the time it's not, lol, I should try to follow a recipe or something, sometime, hahaha)

CraZMoomshY Posts: 8 Registered: 11/7/2021
# 6 - Posted on 1/1/2022 21:45:07

k i love drinkin coca cola lol, but i drink water every hour, yes u heard me

Lahdgren Posts: 110 Registered: 4/15/2020
# 7 - Posted on 1/1/2022 22:05:29

I hate anything with fizz so I'm a whole milk man, also really like smoothies

Avium Curator Posts: 46 Registered: 10/14/2017
# 8 - Posted on 1/1/2022 23:00:12

Mostly drink water, but in Australia we have this brand of Ice Coffee called Ice Break, it's the best

dhobo Curator Backer Posts: 1966 Registered: 1/5/2015
# 9 - Posted on 1/3/2022 18:01:03

Definitely an H2O guy here since I don't like or can't drink most other things.

Lactose intolerant.
Smell of coffee makes me nauseous.
Sugary drinks are avoided for health reasons.
Artificial sweetener drinks taste awful to me.

Though I will occasionally have an iced tea maybe once or twice a year as a treat.

jwcooley Curator Posts: 983 Registered: 2/28/2014
# 10 - Posted on 1/5/2022 16:34:14

Mostly water. Beer on the weekends. Maybe one soda every other day.

WeirdLittleDog Curator Posts: 194 Registered: 3/20/2021
# 11 - Posted on 1/13/2022 5:59:02

I mostly drink water, but my favorite is tea. I'm currently on a peppermint binge.

james75gorin Posts: 1 Registered: 4/21/2022
# 12 - Posted on 4/21/2022 11:01:02

I love hot chocolate in cold weather

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Roamer Posts: 2 Registered: 8/13/2022
# 13 - Posted on 8/14/2022 22:45:54

Water, tea and coffee, yeah i'm basic.

Luitenant Gruber Posts: 3 Registered: 12/8/2022
# 14 - Posted on 12/13/2022 21:56:43

Kasteel Rouge (belgian cherry beer) does the job for me.

byumope Posts: 1 Registered: 8/28/2023
# 15 - Posted on 8/28/2023 3:17:22

Most of it is water. On the weekends, there is beer.

Trar Posts: 14 Registered: 5/13/2021
# 16 - Posted on 9/2/2023 23:42:42

Water, black coffee, and unsweetened kefir, with the occasional craft beer or zero-calorie energy drink.

Post Edited on 9/2/2023 23:43:00
hellobion Backer Posts: 40 Registered: 10/20/2023
# 17 - Posted on 11/1/2023 2:06:26

My favorite drink is taco bell baja blast mountain dew,

Trar Posts: 14 Registered: 5/13/2021
# 18 - Posted on 1/19/2024 3:20:15

I should mention I also like the odd glass of liquor every now and then, usually bourbon.

Thehealthreviews23 Posts: 1 Registered: 1/23/2024
# 19 - Posted on 1/23/2024 10:08:59

Thank you for sharing...

hellobion Backer Posts: 40 Registered: 10/20/2023
# 20 - Posted on 4/18/2024 14:48:18

I have started taking an interest in energy drinks and tasting different drins. Though my favorite currently is Montster Energy.