Sylvius Curator Posts: 12 Registered: 5/20/2023
# 26 - Posted on 7/3/2024 20:10:01

Have you ever come across vodka from the former Soviet republics?

hellobion Backer Posts: 46 Registered: 10/20/2023
# 27 - Posted on 7/17/2024 3:21:57

Also have to say my current favorite engergy drink has changed form monster energy to ghost energy drink!

WeirdLittleDog Curator Posts: 195 Registered: 3/20/2021
# 28 - Posted on 7/18/2024 5:42:17

@hellobion I haven't tried Ghost energy drink yet. I fall for those drinks with video game characters on them and I've even collected the cans, lol. Lately I've actually been drinking a lot of V8 energy drinks.