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# 76 - Posted on 1/13/2018 16:27:53

@YamiRaziel - Hello and welcome! Adding your collection can indeed be a daunting task, but hopefully you will find it helpful upon doing so If you have a list that you can copy / paste easily, be sure to check out the bulk import option to potentially save you some time. And, of course, if you have any feedback for the site, feel free to let us know here on the forums!

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# 77 - Posted on 1/14/2018 1:10:02

Hey! I'm NLouns, and I've been looking for a site like this for awhile. I was looking for something that tracked my games AND completions and also had a community around it, and this site looks like the perfect match. Looking forward to adding my collection and interacting with everyone!

Also: feel free to add me on Xbox or Steam, though I haven't gotten into PC gaming much yet (hopefully will soon)! Accounts are linked to my profile

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# 78 - Posted on 1/14/2018 1:45:15

Welcome aboard NLouns! Completionator is definitely a collection and tracking site but it's so much more too! We like to have a lot of fun on here so be sure and come back often!

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# 79 - Posted on 4/1/2018 18:36:45

Hi guys, pretty happy to find this site, one of the things I am guilty of is hoarding games and never finishing them. Hopefully this will give me some incentive to finish games.

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# 80 - Posted on 4/10/2018 2:25:58

Hi, I decided to move beyond keeping track of my games in an Excel spreadsheet. Tried Backloggery before and didn't like it - mostly because I didn't want to spend the time to manually enter every single game. Went looking for an alternative this weekend, saw Completionator mentioned in a couple forum posts / articles and decided to give it a try. The bulk import is a HUGE help. Since I already have most games I own listed in Excel, I've been able to just copy/paste the titles. Also like the idea of Playthroughs - will allow me to keep track of progress on games I'm currently playing.

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# 81 - Posted on 4/30/2018 11:22:34

Hi all!
I too come from Backloggery, migrated mostly because I thought the general site-design of Backloggery was quite ugly. Games have pretty cover arts, I want to see them as I tick them off my lists! :P
For now I just auto-imported my Steam collection, most of those game I will probably never play. Backlogged some games I do want to play sometime.
Still trying to find out how some of the things work on this site but i'm positive i'll make it work lol

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# 82 - Posted on 5/1/2018 13:03:53

@ZotoBoto: Welcome! And thanks for the friend request.

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# 83 - Posted on 6/5/2018 19:53:59

Hello everyone, I found this place while searching online for some place to keep track of my games and this was the one that I liked best. My collection Is rather modest right now, due to bad life decisions 3 years ago, but I decided to start working on It again. I collect mostly for the sake of collecting (like...I'm never really playing that Japanese version of Tales of Phantasia on the PS1, but I still thought It would be cool to own it!), but I still try to play and complete as many games as I can, job and gf permitting...Ok, but let's not kid ourselves, I'll never play through my entire steam library of 1300+ games :P

Aaaanyways, my main platforms are PC and PS4, but I'll pretty much play any game you throw at me, some favorites Include RPGs (both console and PC...Baldur's Gate anyone?), FPSs (Doom 3, Painkiller, FEAR), Simulations (American Truck Simulator anyone? ^^; ) and Horror (Amnesia, Dead Space, Silent Hill). I also collect Platinum Trophies on PS4 on the side.

I'm currently on an MMO binge with my friend, alternating between Guild Wars 2 and Path of Exile!

Anyways... nice to meet ya'll!

P.S. My entire collection here Isn't complete, missing some of my PS3/PS4 digital games, Xbox digital games and most of my PC games).

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@Phantomizer - Welcome aboard! Truck Simulators represent! Although I'm more of a Euro Truck Simulator 2 guy until they start dumping more content into ATS :)

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# 85 - Posted on 6/6/2018 16:37:06

Welcome Phantomizer!

This site is awesome!

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# 86 - Posted on 6/13/2018 21:35:26

Hi Im 332ben. I have been collecting games for around 8 years now and I have amassed a collection of around 1100 games. After looking for a good website to keep a digital log of my games on I decided on this site. The main reason for this being that I haven't finished many of my games and I have wanted to beat more of them. Im looking forward to adding games to my collection and interacting with the community.

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# 87 - Posted on 6/26/2018 2:02:11

I've been on this site for a few weeks now, so I guess I should probably post an introduction here...

I've been collecting games for....I don't know...maybe 15 years? I love retro games, and the main focus of my collection is Playstation One....there's just something about the early days of 3D that I love. I'm also addicted to taking screenshots when I play games (when I'm able to) a wise friend of mine once told me, "Playing a game is like taking a vacation from the real world. Taking screenshots is like taking vacation photos to remember your trip."

For the last decade, I used to track my collection...but that site has kinda gone down hill due to a lot of perv-os posting questionable imagery there. It ran a lot of people off. I'm really one of the only "gamers" still there...honestly, it's been that way for maybe the last 4-5 years. Then I found this site...and while I don't know if I plan on doing a complete switchover yet, it looks like this site could pretty much cover everything I liked Listal for (making lists, tracking and rating games, reviewing games, etc.) plus more. So, I have a feeling I'll be sticking around for a while if you folks will continue to have me.

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# 88 - Posted on 9/10/2018 6:38:38

Hello, Hello all! Nice to meet everyone; doing my best to add things; I have a lot of games and things to go over. Geesh, soon I'll also start my streaming on Twitch instead of just watching, finally got all the materials required to do it; now just need to update my twitch profile and bam. Stream time!

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# 89 - Posted on 10/28/2018 3:19:56

Welcome all!

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# 90 - Posted on 12/9/2018 20:20:12

Hello! I noticed that this site is a little quiet on forum side and everything but wanted to say hi. I'm new here, started from Backloggery then went to Grouvee and now I'm here. I don't particularly collect games. I buy/get games that I find interesting and just hope I someday have time to play. I like my media physical but I'm never against steam sales :D

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Hello All!

My name is Cisco, gamertag @ FengAnime - pretty new here, just wanted to introduce myself. I love playing video games but I am really bad at them. I like buying physical media but steam/PC games have made it almost impossible to do so which is ok!

You can find me on all gaming platforms @FengAnime and on Twitter as well @FengAnime.

if anyone wishes to play with me online let me know! looking to add a few friends.

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# 92 - Posted on 1/17/2019 8:23:46

Hi, I'm Ryan. I'm a Med Lab Tech at a hospital in Canada. Anyways, joining this site because I enjoy gaming and have a lot of games to keep track of that I should probably get around to completing at some point, hahaha. I'm not super good at gaming, honestly, but I find it very fun. I mostly like action role-playing, racing, first person shooter, platforming, adventure, shoot-em-up, & turn-based role-playing games. I also like some simulation, strategy, & puzzle games. Not really a fan of rhythm & traditional fighting games. I mostly play single player games & have a PS2, PSTV, PS3, PS4 Pro, PSVR, Wii, Gameboy Advance SP, DS, 3DS, Retro Freak, & Mac computer. Hey, everybody!

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# 93 - Posted on 1/23/2019 14:35:10

Hi guys, I'm Frans. I'm just checking out the site since I was thinking about logging which games I've completed through the years and having a unified DB of what I own on various platforms and media.

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# 94 - Posted on 1/27/2019 18:01:13

Hello everyone! My name is Sergej. 20 years old and living in Germany. I've been playing video games since I was 6 years old. I always find it difficult to search a game to play next after completing one game. Hopefully this website can help me with collecting my game collection and keeping track with my gaming backlog.

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I have been collecting and playing games my entire life. I have been tracking my playthroughs and completions for years, but never thought to catalog what I own until now. I am already a fan of this site and how much insight it has already given me into my collection.

I'm mainly an RPG/JRPG fan, but really I enjoy most games with some kind of progression system. My main goal here is to reduce my backlog and enjoy the games I have already invested in. I have games that have been sitting untouched for 5+ years and it is time to change that. I am looking to join your community and hopefully make some friends to encourage me to fight through my backlog and enjoy the games I already have.

Let's be friends!

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Hi Everyone,

I'm Joe and I'm from Massachusetts. Just found this site recently and I love it. I've been gaming since the early 80's. My parents had an atari 2600 when I was really young which started my whole love for gaming. My fondest memories are with my nintendo. I'll never forget the excitement I had when I received a Nintendo with R.O.B. the robot for Christmas. I'm not against digital collections but I try to collect physical when I can. Sometimes the digital deals are too good to pass up though. I love all consoles and pc gaming. I just recently got an Oculus Quest which I'm loving. Anyways really happy to be part of this community. Thank you Moho_00 for creating this site.

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Hey, my name is Sarah c:
Been a casual gamer since 1994 watching my cousins play Star Fox and TMNT.
Got my first console, a Sega Genesis, soon after that. Have been playing ever since!
I'm an avid JRPG fan, especially of Final Fantasy and Pokemon.

Looking to make some friends here c:

Mutrain Posts: 20 Registered: 5/23/2019
# 98 - Posted on 7/7/2019 3:41:43

Welcome aboard Sarah! Glad to have you here.

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# 99 - Posted on 7/17/2019 10:46:54

Hello, all! I'm Miles, and I just joined because the recent Steam sale got me curious about how many of the games I own I've actually played. The answer is not encouraging, but hopefully having the fancy layout to plan out my playthroughs will help. And if not, setting it up was still a fun way to spend an evening. It's nice to meet you all!

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Welcome WhiteLightning!