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Glad to have you here WhiteLightning!

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# 102 - Posted on 8/08/19 16:20:31

Hi all! Was looking for a site to store a collection i've played throughout my lifetime and this is great! Also looks good and easy to navigate :) Looking forward to adding to my collection

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Hello, I'm lugianium, I collect since 2015, mainly the switch, the 3DS, and the PS2 (I also collect on other media)
I also have as project to have the full full-set of pokemon games, spin-offs and main games, in PAL and JAP.
I discovered this site during a discussion with other people on discord, where we were talking about sites to archive his collection.

Small precision, I'm French, and my English suck ^^"

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Hey everyone!!

I am a 40yo, getting back into the scene. My wife and I used to have a decent collection between the two of us, original games from our childhood, to discover they had disappeared! Nothing like finding out your entire cartridge based game collection is gone :( (NES, SNES, N64 games and SNES console. Still have the NES and N64 console as they were not in the same box).

I have always wanted a complete NES collection, so that is now my goal. While I will get some SNES and N64 games (mostly just to replace what we used to have), they will not be a focus. I am also considering a complete FC and FDS collection.

Hopefully starting in 2020, I will have a place to start streaming some 8-Bit pixels.

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Hi, I'm Giovanni and i'm a 1st Line IT Support Agent for a company called "Fluvius" ( biggest electricity distributor in the country)
I'm from Belgium and currently 26 y/o . I have a love for games around the PS2 era and i'm a MASSIVE dragon ball fan :p

I randomly found this after a google search cause after a few years i'm starting to collect again so i wanne keep track of what i have and need
Hope i enjoy my time here, Thanks :D

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Hello everyone, I randomly was doing a google search for a place to start adding my games to a database so I can actually begin to complete them, kinda annoying to have so many games and not play them. From now on I am definitely going to at least try and play every single game I currently own. Its prob Steam's fault though lol.